Why Apriljune essentials?

Apriljune was made to cater to those who take pride in their skin. All the ingredients in our  products are made with every skin type in mind. We use non toxic and natural ingredients. Not only do we provide products for your face, we provide for the rest of the body as well. We know you care about your skin and so do we!


Will your products work on my skin like everyone else's?

Our products are used with natural ingredients which may not work as rapidly compared to medicated, toxic, and synthetic ingredients. We strongly recommend that you keep in mind consistency is a great part of your skincare journey. Many things such as diet, hygiene, and your lifestyle may affect your skin which may not be corrected with our products. Please note, what may work for others may not work for you.


How long will my products last?

Every product has a shelf life. Natural and organic products without preservatives have a shorter life span. Every product has a shelf life listed in the product description. All products should be placed in a cool dry area without direct sunlight.